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General Information

Dues: Dues of $10 Shall be made payable by January 1st for the ensuing calendar year to ensure the member’s name is included in the yearbook as an active member. Dues may be paid at a meeting or by mail to the Alton Garden Club Treasurer.

Executive Meetings: shall be held at 3PM on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and the regular monthly meetings will meet at 1:30PM on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The first meeting of the year shall be held in January to plan for the year and to review and approve the program for the year.

Annual Meetings: shall follow the Regular Business Meeting in the month of November.

The Good Cheer Chairman: is responsible for appropriate expression of good will or sympathy to our members. Please keep her informed of illness or bereavement.

Hostess Committee: When assigned to a hostess committee, plan to contribute food, to assist in serving and clean-up, and to share expenses. If you cannot serve as assigned, please find your own replacement and let your chairman know.


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