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Spring Cleanup by the Alton Garden Club

It’s that time of year again! Last week the call went out to Alton Garden Club members to report for duty for the beginning yearly “Spring Cleanup.” Almost a dozen volunteers showed up with rakes, shovels, weeders, clippers, etc., to begin the season long process of keeping Alton beautiful. The object of the club shall be to stimulate interest in home gardening and horticulture; to encourage the protection of our native trees, plants and wildlife, and to aid in community planting.

In a month’s time, mulch will be spread, gardens cleaned and volunteers will be planting the barrels located in the Village and by the Bay. The petunias will once again be donated by Bruce Holmes of Sunflower Gardens on Route 28 south of the traffic circle. The perennial gardens located throughout the town will also receive colorful annuals and perennials to bring smiles on faces as one walks or drives through town.


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