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Trick or Treat!

On October 25th, the Alton Garden Club was given a wonderful Halloween surprise that we can only consider a TREAT! One of our members invited us to her two story barn for our meeting. There were bats hanging, witches brews and hats, skulls with candles, ravens in cages and out, and lights everywhere. On the second floor a cemetery scene was complete with tomb stones and an old yellow taxi driven by “Bennie” the skeleton from the Disney movie “Halloweentown,” which was the theme of this year’s decorations.

For our program, Joan Blackwood and Jane Bradbury demonstrated pumpkin carving. Carvings ranged from typical smiling faces, a portrait of George Washington surrounded with stars, and Tinkerbell spreading her fairy dust There were also painted pumpkins with melted crayons dripping down and a pumpkin showing creative use of lace doilies. To add to this, Joan and Jane demonstrated different ways to light up each piece to perfection.

With Ghost cookies and an assortment of desserts providing the final touch, this get-together proved that Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages.

The Alton Garden Club wishes all of the community a Happy Halloween. Please remember to bring your flashlights for trick-or-treat safety on Oct. 31st!

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