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End of Season Wrap Up!

Alton Garden Club is at it again! It was time for fall clean up at the Alton Bay gardens, and many answered the call! Garden club thanks its volunteers who showed up with rakes, hand tools, trash bags and gloves to get the job done.

This is just part of the work that our volunteers enjoy and do to make our town lovely and inviting. In spring we get together to clean up the various gardening spots around town, tidying up after winter has done its thing. May is time to pick up the flowers donated by Sunflower Gardens and plant the barrels and gardens in time for Memorial Day, Throughout summer we water, weed and prune This year we also installed a small garden at New Riverside Cemetery with the help of Alton Town Crew and planted temporary ground cover beside Alton Town Hall. Not to forget, volunteers also enjoy work at the gazebo in the village, transforming it as seasons change and for the winter holidays. Soon the gazebo will be adorned with Christmas greens, lights and decorations. Town buildings and Riverside Cemetery fencing will be decorated with garlands and wreaths – gifts from Garden Club. Throughout the year many put their hearts into these jobs that show our love for our community.

It may sound like joining the Garden Club is an invitation to work your you-know-whats off, but its not. It’s a wonderful organization to belong to, and the members are people who are willing to give their talents to keeping Alton looking like a place where one would want to live. After our last meeting, which is our annual luncheon, we go into “hibernation” for a short time until it’s time to plan next year’s meetings all over again. Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!


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