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Tree Identification Presentation

The Alton Garden Club had the September meeting on Tuesday the 27th on the grounds of River Run Deli, now known as River Run Kayaking and Cottage. Our guest speaker was Tom Foster, and his topic for presentation was tree identification. Since earning his degree in forestry, Tom has taught courses on the subject and held workshops for decades. He provided his expertise in forestry using 51 samples of tree and shrub branches gathered during a morning hike. He answered many questions from the group that numbered in the mid-thirties. Finally , he generously offered our club members a tree identification hike in early October.

There are only two more meetings left for 2022. We will be meeting again in April of 2023. It is not too late to join us by sending the application in the “About” section of the website. Membership dues remain at $10/year.


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